School Admission Information
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Participating in SPERS-JC/MI does not guarantee eligibility for admission to JC/MI as admission is dependent on the applicants’ overall performance in the SPERS-JC/MI tests. Unsuccessful applicants can approach their JC/MI of choice directly after the exercise to be considered for admission, which would be subject to them meeting the JC/MI’s school-based admission criteria. Alternatively, they may consider other post-secondary courses offered by the Polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or privately-funded schools.

SPERS-JC/MI successful applicants should receive their school eligibility lists from the Ministry of Education (MOE) during the end of December. They can then approach any of the JC/MI on their lists for admission.

Successful applicants can choose any course/subject combination offered by the JC/MI approached, provided they meet the subject pre-requisites (e.g. Additional Mathematics for H2 Mathematics). Those without the subject pre-requisites for the course/subject combinations may be further assessed by the JC/MI.